Getting a good, clean recording is so important in producing a great record.  Everything matters, the room, the microphone, pre-amps, and digital conversion.  At Bent String Studios, we invested in the best microphones, pre-amps, and digital conversion equipment and designed our live room to provide you just that, a great sound!

In addition to the great sounding room and top-notch equipment, we put a lot of thought, energy, and expense in designing a studio that creates a welcoming and relaxed working environment.  We understand that a recording session can be stressful and even intimidating, especially your first time at a new studio.  During your session, our engineers are focused on you, the artist.  We readily adapt to your workflow and are available to help guide you through the process, if necessary.   

Our primary goal is to capture your best performance.  Providing the best gear, great engineers and a comfortable environment helps make that possible.  We want to make your experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.